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Eugenie (the original, and still the best!) (future Netball star) Rhys (watch out girls!) Dad (and friend Thing)

We are complex and unpredictable creatures, but that's a story for another time and place.

We are (left to right) Eugenie, Yolana, Rhys and Rohan (me). We live in a leafy northern suburb of Sydney, Australia but have always enjoyed getting (further) away from it all. That used to mean going bush (mostly walking) locally - thankfully a relatively easy thing to do if you live in north, south or western Sydney.

However, in 2002 we purchased a Nissan R50 Pathfinder four-wheel-drive (4WD) and a campertrailer and embarked on camping and 4WD holidays at every opportunity. In 2007 we purchased our second off-road chariot - a 2000 model 105 series Toyota Landcruiser. The 'Cruiser' is well modified and takes us and the campertrailer to more difficult and remote places than the Pathy could. I'll post more about this gem soon.

To date some of our bigger trips include a 3 week trip in a big clock-wise loop from Sydney to Broken Hill and back via Lake Mungo and the Menindee lakes, a 3 week tour of the high country and, more recently (in the Landcruiser), a 3 week trip through the Flinders Ranges. Our next big trip will probably be one of the major 4WD trips available here in Oz - the Cape, Kimberly, Simpson Desert or Tassie. In the meantime we are doing a number of shorter, but no less enjoyable trips to have some fun. We also aim to do whatever trips we can with the Pathfinders' Club of Australia.

We've made extensive use of information obtained from various web sites, and the folk that frequent them as well as our fellow PCoA club members. We thank the site owners and visitors for sharing their knowledge and experience so freely. Hopefully, in turn, we will be able to do the same and perhaps we'll see you off-road.

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