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The whole shebang, set up at Woko NP.

After 12 months of research and shopping around, we decided to specify our own trailer and have it made for us. This approach saved us many thousands of $$$s and gave us exactly what we wanted.

Our trailer was built by Tracer Trailers in Dee Why, Sydney and the canvas work was completed by Pro Trim Auto, also located in Dee Why. These two businesses worked together to build custom-made campertrailers. Both were very easy to deal with, and very accommodating of last minute changes to the specifications, as well as subsequent requests for enhancements. After much trial and error we have made a number of minor modification and additions to enhance the useablilty/comfort factor. Some of these ideas may be useful to others and will be described herein (eventually).

Footnote: Sadly, since our CT was built, Tracer Trailers has been sold to new owners, now located in Narabeen, and ProTrim Auto has moved to Victoria and we've heard they are no longer doing complete CT canvas work.

protected water tank hot tip - jockey wheel mount the bike rack goes here

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