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These are some of my favorite sites for hanging-out on-line. If you want a chat, you may find me on one of these forums.

Site link
Site Description
Pathfinders' Club of Australia
- Forum of the only Aussie 4x4 club specifically (but not exclusively) for Pathfinder owners.

- Simply the best Australian 4x4 site on the web.

Overlander Forum Overlander 4x4 Magazine
- A good site with a good 4x4 forum. This is where the seed was sewn for the formation of the PCoA.

4WD Action Forum 4x4 Action Magazine
- Another good site with a good 4x4 forum.

ANFWDC Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council
- The national organisation that organises the various state groups of affiliated 4WD clubs. This is where I go to find out what's going on in the world of 4WDing in Australia.

Yahoo - Campertrailers
Yahoo Campertrailer Group
- A forum dedicated to campertrailer owners.

Yahoo - OziExplorer
Yahoo Ozi-Users
- A world-wide forum of OziExplorer (GPS and mapping software) users.

4x4 Parts
4x4 Parts
- A US based parts site dedicated to Nissans, with a good Nissan specific forum.

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Here are some of my other favorite sites for things 4x4.

Site link
Site Description
- home of the best GPS and mapping software available.

- a great GPS site for retail and advice.

Johnny Appleseed GPS
- another good Aussie site for GPS

Australian Association Of Citizens And Band Radio Operators Inc 1980
- a very useful site for info on UHF

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